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Of course we're nowhere.

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2 October
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I am Jack's raging guppy.
80's video games, alkaloids, america, anarchy, anti-authority, anti-hate, asexuality, atikokan, bad religion, bad taste, batman begins, belle and sebastian, bill maher, biographies, bisexuality, bob dylan, britain, british columbia, canada, canadian pride, canadiana, christianity, civil rights, coldplay, comics, coming out, counterculture, curtis hanson, cutters, cutting, david eddings, death, dentist murder, depression, dylan, eating vegans, eddie izzard, edinburgh, egalitarianism, equal rights, equality, eric idle, fantasy, final fantasy, fingerstyle guitar, folk music, forgetting my childhood, gay rights, gays, gender roles, george carlin, gin and tonic, glasgow, goethe, gordon downie, graham chapman, idealogy, jack kerouac, jesus, john cameron mitchell, john cleese, john lennon, jon stewart, judas, kids in the hall, kurt cobain, leo kottke, leonard cohen, liberalism, liberals, libertarianism, matt stone, michael palin, mitch hedberg, monty python, morphine, musicians, nirvana, original music, painkillers, paul simon, pierre trudeau, politically incorrect, pop culture, psychology, religion, religious tolerance, revolution, rock and roll, scotland, screenwriters, self-mutilation, sexual orientation, sexuality, simon and garfunkel, songwriters, south park, spider-man, stand-up, standup, steven wright, sugar mountain, suicide, summarizing proust, terry gilliam, terry goodkind, terry jones, the beatles, the death gate cycle, the pixies, the uk, theology, tom waits, trey parker, trudeau, uk, vancouver, zoo tv

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