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Of course we're nowhere.

June 19th, 2004

Her profession's her religion.... her sin is her lifelessness @ 07:14 pm

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Current Music: Desolation Row - B.D.

I wonder these days what the hell normalcy is.
Need Nytol to sleep, coffee to wake up, Prozac to keep from killing yourself, Paxil to keep from killing others, alcohol to loosen up, steroids to get bigger, diet pills to get smaller, and so on, and so on.

When you come to terms with addiction you realize you're dependant on a variety of reasons for a variety of things, not dependant on a variety of things for a variety of reasons as you try to tell yourself and try to convince others when confronted on it.

It seems like our culture is wrapped around it, like it goads us into self-defeating behavior and habits; ever since James Dean cigarettes have been COOL... it doesn't matter how effective the scare tactics of the pseudo-noble anti-smoking "Truth" campaign is, James Dean and Humphrey Bogart made it look COOL first, and COOL is always more effective than smart.

The celebrity canon is rife with overdoses, young deaths attributed in one way or another to drugs and/or alcohol, either accidental deaths or suicides... many of our exalted heroes - survivors and casualties alike - formed some dependency or another to "cope with the pressures of fame" which they strove for either directly or subconsciously in the first place. Kurt Cobain took up heroin as a way to deal with his mysterious stomach pains, which, easy as it as to write off as nonsense, runs in his family. Bob Dylan took a pharmacy's worth of cocktails to keep constantly writing, sometimes staying up for four days at a time... you've got to have a serious habit if even John "Cold Turkey" Lennon is disgusted by your drug use. The loony Graham Chapman of Python fame was a serious alcoholic, who became such to overcome a crippling shyness - he did eventually knock it, though...

Drug and/or alcohol dependency are serious business... nothing to laugh about. But still, the one thing worse than being an addict is being into self-help. Give me Jimi dead before you even think of giving Tony Robbins a guitar.... one John Tesh in the world is one too many.

There was a point to this... I don't know. I guess it's that we defeat ourselves... but maybe its not completely our own fault... maybe we're set up to.
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Date:June 19th, 2004 07:34 pm (UTC)
You're alive! My active journal is chickbrarian now!

Of course we're nowhere.