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Of course we're nowhere.

March 23rd, 2002

Ok, I'm semi-drunk, but @ 04:57 am

Current Mood: tipsy
Current Music: The Rogues of Scotland - Scotland the Brave

I thought I'd just post about my pissed-offed-ness about the Colonel dying so young.

Graham Chapman was (is) my favorite of the Monty Python boys. He died two days after my 11th birthday, long before I ever knew who the fuck he was, or anything of the absolutely brilliant writing and acting that he did.

He's the type of guy I would have gotten along with famously, as I'm a bizarre weirdo in love with the same things as he was. Graham loved bad taste. Being politically incorrect.

He was smart as all hell, and equally talented.

I miss ya, you dead bastard.
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Of course we're nowhere.